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Congratulations on your upcoming baby! Once you are around 20 weeks, you will begin your search for the right newborn photographer to capture this moment in your life. During your search, you may look at the photographer’s portfolio, studio location, client closet and the investment for the session. As those are important in your search, […]

Pensacola, FL Photographer | Newborn Safety | Pic a Posie Photography

Pensacola, FL Newborn Photographer

Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer

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Renovations have begun at the new photography studio located at Harbourtown Village in Gulf Breeze, FL. I decided that the old office cardboard looking ceiling tiles had to go. Out with the office look and in with a fresh modern studio tile. As I started to take the ceiling tiles down, I remember thinking to […]

Gulf Breeze, FL | Photography Studio at Harbourtown Village


Inside photography studio with ceiling tile removed and insulation hanging down

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It is finally happening! I found the most cozy little village to open my photography studio in and renovations have begun. I’ve met a few of my neighbors in the village and it looks like the Gulf Breeze charm is not only in the community, but in the business world as well. I am so […]

Gulf Breeze, FL | Maternity+Newborn Photographer


Woman photographer standing in front of her building

Images Courtesy of Pic a Posie Photography

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