Your experience with Pic a Posie Photography will not end with an online gallery.  When you hire a professional, you deserve a professional product.  That is where I come in.  I specialize in heirloom artwork that will make your home feel complete with memories that were captured even when time has passed by.

My products are only available to photographers to order for their clients.  This means you get a unique product that others don't have access to order.  

Heirloom -
a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.

When you hire a professional to capture the precious moments of your life, you deserve to have high quality, heirloom artwork.  I do all the leg work to design, order and inspect the artwork so you can spend your time elsewhere and not on a computer researching prices or designing your artwork.  Digital only images are available and are printable up to a 8x10 size.

At your ordering appointment, I will have studio samples of each product for you to touch and feel the high quality materials used.  These products are made available only to photographers for their clients for a unique piece that others cannot order.  I guarantee you will have a hard time choosing only one product from each step! 

Before your ordering appointment, you will have access to my artwork list to review which pieces you'd like to invest in.  Together, we will discuss where you plan to display your artwork or what you want to gift to others.  I will help guide you which pieces and sizes are best for where you plan to display your artwork.  Payment is due at the end of the appointment, please have all decision makers attend.  All sales are final.

At your ordering appointment, we will finalize the collection and payment is due at the end of the appointment.  Please have all decision makers attend the appointment.  I will begin designing and order your artwork after the appointment, therefore, all sales are final.

Once we finalize your order, I will begin designing your artwork.  Your artwork will be ready for pick up around 2-4 weeks from your ordering appointment, depending on the time of season.

When your artwork arrives at my studio, I will contact you to schedule a time to come view and take your artwork home to display!

Most clients see my professional artwork during their session and invest in both their favorite artwork and digitals.  You can invest in digitals only if you plan to print only up to an 8x10 size.  

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