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The moment had arrived, it was time to meet little Emme in the studio for her newborn session. Reflecting back on capturing her inside Mama’s tummy during the maternity session, I cherished being a small part of that journey. Anticipating the special nature of this moment, I felt a strong need to capture all the […]

Capturing Emme’s Newborn Session|Gulf Breeze, FL Photographer

Gulf Breeze, FL Newborn Photographer

Close up black and white image of dad fist bumping newborn baby's fist

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Bringing a newborn baby into the world is an exciting and awe-inspiring experience. As parents, we eagerly await the moment when our little one opens their eyes and starts exploring the world around them. But have you ever wondered what newborn babies can actually see in those early days? Let’s take a closer look at […]

Navarre, FL Newborn Photographer | What Newborn’s Can See

Navarre, FL Newborn Photographer

Pensacola,FL Newborn Photographer. Newborn baby girl in bum up pose.

Images Courtesy of Pic a Posie Photography

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