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Booking a maternity session with a photographer is an important decision. These sessions capture the beauty and significance of pregnancy, creating lasting memories that expectant parents can cherish for a lifetime and for generations to come. When I speak with my clients, I always ask if this is their first child. The excitement I can […]

Gulf Breeze, FL Maternity Photographer | The Harter Family

Pensacola, FL Maternity Photographer

Backlit image of Dad kneeling and kissing expectant mom's belly

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Welcoming your little one into the world is an exciting and much-anticipated event. If you’re nearing your due date and eager to meet your baby, you may be looking for natural ways to help induce labor. In addition, finding a local birth center that aligns with your birthing preferences and provides a supportive environment is […]

Gulf Breeze, FL Newborn Photographer | Ways To Help Induce Labor

Gulf Breeze, FL Newborn Photographer

Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer

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Every year, women all over the world support one another by observing a day in October for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness. That day is October, 15th and includes an international wave of light. Women and families gather to light a candle in remembrance of their child. 1 out of 4 pregnancies in the United […]

Pensacola, FL Baby Photographer | Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Pensacola, FL Newborn Photographer

Pensacola, FL Baby Photographer

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