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Your due date is approaching and your doctor suggests to pack your hospital bag incase you go into early labor. Ever wonder what you should pack in that hospital bag? Let’s break it down a bit and find out what items are helpful during your hospital stay and what items to leave at home.

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Milton, FL Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Newborn Session

Items to Pack For Mom Before and During Delivery

Being comfortable and relaxed during labor and delivery is important. Below are items to pack for Mom before and during delivery.

#1 Insurance Card & Medical Records

If the hospital does not have your current insurance or past medical records, now is a good time to pack and share them with the hospital staff.

#2 Birth Plan

You have previously discussed your birth plan with your doctor, but printing and handing copies to nurses and doctors will help if they have questions.

#3 Gown or Bathrobe

Having a gown/bathrobe during labor can help make you more comfortable when walking or stretching. It also comes in handy when the nurse or doctor needs to check how baby is coming along.

#4 Socks

Hospitals can be a little chilly. Having a few socks packed will help keep your feet warm and comfortable. Not to mention safe and clean!

#5 Slippers or Flip Flops

Choose slippers or flip flops that are comfortable and easy to slip in and out of to wear while at your hospital stay. Flip flops are great option to wear when using the shower.

#6 Lip Balm

Staying hydrated can be challenging during labor and delivery. Pack lip balm incase your lips become chapped during your stay.

#7 Pillow

Having your own pillow from home can help you get restful sleep. The hospital will always have one for you, but we all know a pillow you’re not used to can cause a cramped neck.

#8 Eye Mask or Ear Plugs

Your hospital stay will be a couple days or more. If you have trouble sleeping during the daylight or can’t sleep with outside noise, an eye mask or ear plugs are a must to pack.


Items to Pack For Mom After Delivery

Being prepared for items you’ll need after delivery can make your stay more enjoyable.

#1 Nightgown

Having a comfortable night gown that is loose fitting can help with getting a restful night or nap. If you plan to breast feed, choose a nightgown that opens up in the front.

#2 Heavy Duty Maxi Pads

It is normal to have heavy bleeding days following the birth of your baby. The hospital typically will have pads for you, but if you want to bring your own, pack away!

#3 Underwear & Nursing Bra

Bring a few comfortable underwear that are large enough to fit thicker maxi pads. If you plan on nursing, having nursing bras packed will be helpful.

#4 Nipple ointment or cream

If you plan on nursing, having ointment or cream is a must. Cracked and sore nipples can happen. So stay ahead of it and apply ointment or cream after a feeding!

#5 Washable Nursing Pads

When your milk comes in, having a nursing pad will help catch any unexpected leaking.

#6 Toiletries

Pack your normal morning routine items when you get ready for the day. These include hairbrush, lotion, contacts/glasses, hairdryer, toothbrush/toothpaste, and shampoo/conditioner.

#7 Change of Clothes

Include an outfit or two to change into when you get to leave the hospital. Make sure the outfits are loose fitting and easy to get on. Bringing a laundry bag for dirty clothes can help keep you organized.

#8 Snacks and Drinks

Pack a few of your favorite snacks and drinks for after your delivery.

#9 Phone and Charger

You will want to stay in touch with family and friends during your stay. For that, you’ll need to charge your phone!


Items to Pack for Your Birth Partner

#1 Snacks & Drinks

Helping Mom during delivery can be long, so having something to snack on or drink, can help you stay focused on helping Mom instead of hunger. If you plan to make a stop at the vending machine, pack some change.

#2 Change of Clothes

If you are unable to make a quick stop home to freshen up and change clothes, pack extra clothes and toiletries in your hospital bag.

#3 Pillow

To be more comfortable, you may want to bring your pillow from home for a more restful night and for naps.

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Pensacola, FL Newborn Photographer | Lifestyle Newborn Session

Items to Pack for Baby

#1 Outfits

Pack a few onesies for baby to dress in at the hospital. Don’t forget socks!

#2 Receiving Blanket

Swaddling your baby can help make him/her feel comfortable and safe. That means you will get more rest during your stay.

#3 Carseat

To leave the hospital, you must have a carseat installed. If you need help on how to properly install your carseat, search your area for places that will help. Often a police station is a good start.

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Pensacola Beach, FL Newborn Photographer | Posed Newborn Session

Items to Leave Out of Your Hospital Bag

#1 All Those Cute Baby Clothes

You have gone shopping and picked out all these cute clothes to dress baby in once he\she arrives. Keeping baby in a diaper and a onesies will help make skin to skin time, feedings diaper changes much more convenient. So leave the fancy clothes at home.

#2 Dressy Clothes for Mom

You may be tempted to pack dressy cute clothes for pictures with your new baby while at the hospital. Instead, pack cute comfortable loose fitting clothes that are functional when feeding baby.

#3 Wipe Warmer

Wipe warmers sound like they would make changing your baby more enjoyable. However, it isn’t necessary to purchase one. Baby will wake up when you start to change him/her.


These are just some helpful ideas to get you started packing your hospital bag. Always pack your bag with your partner. If you pack together, it is less likely to forget something!

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