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As a Mom, wife, daughter and photographer, I’m about to tell you my top 3 reasons why should you print your images! Most importantly….it tells a chapter of your story.

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Why Should I Print My Images?

1. You’re Not Looking at Them if They Are Stored Digitally

How often do you sit down and look at all the images stored on your computer or phone on a daily basis? Not very often, I’m guilty as well. So get those images printed and displayed in your home as a canvas, framed piece or photo album. Make your memories be a part of your home.

2. Seeing Your Images, Can Boost Your Mood

Memories that matter and bring us joy, need to be brought to life. It helps take you back to that moment in time and remember how you were feeling.

Research supports that having physical, tangible prints creates a bigger emotional reaction than viewing photos through a screen. In a world where a lot of things are becoming digital, I have personally experienced this. I have canvases printed and displayed on the walls of my home. I often catch my children looking through our photo albums and seeing their story. Memories of when they were just a baby. Memories of vacations or a summer day making chalk drawings on the driveway. I see the happiness they are feeling all over their face while they flip through the album. With each passing page, they say “look at this one Mommy!” and it gives me a chance to tell the story behind the image. This leads into #3.

3. Your Children and Grandchildren Will Thank You

When children see photos of themselves and their family it gives them security and a sense of belonging. Studies have shown that having prints hanging on a wall or in a photo album helps children recognize themselves and others, making them feel joy.

As an adult, seeing pictures of my family and children displayed in my Mom’s home, 100% makes all of us feel loved and a part of her home. Seeing older photos of her or other family members reminds me of the past. It makes me want to know the story behind that image.

Let’s not forget that viewing our photo albums years later can help create new memories. It’s a chance to laugh at our clothing choices, hairstyles and question what the heck we were doing in the image. Can you do that viewing them through a screen? Sure, but you know it is not the same experience.

Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer

Tell Me Your Stories!

What do you feel are the top benefits of printing your photos? I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

Watch for my next blog on what the benefits are between having your photographer print your images and trying to print them yourself. As I always say, if you invest in a professional photographer, shouldn’t you get a professional high quality print?

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