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Hello there! If we haven’t met before, I’m Molly with Pic a Posie Photography. I value the little moments in life. The moments you cannot imagine not being able to relive. Those memories are the ones that should be printed and be a part of your home to enjoy each day.

Pace, FL Newborn Photographer, collage of engraved trio block of baby stats.
Engraved Trio Block

With so many companies providing printing services, it may be hard to know which company has the best value to quality. As a professional photographer, I can tell you there is a big difference between each company. Some companies are limited by their printer’s color quality, while other are limited by their printer’s size quality.

After printing my images and products from multiple popular consumer companies, I’m here to tell you the best print will always be from your photographer’s print lab. I have outlined below why you should invest in professional prints to get the most out of your artwork!

Benefits of Printing Your Photos From Your Photographer

The Printer You Choose Matters!

Most people do not understand the difference of printers when they print an image. Before I became a photographer, I sure didn’t know the difference. Then I started printing images from a professional print lab and compared them to Walmart or Shutterfly. Wow, what a difference to see the side by side comparison!

When you invest in a high quality print, the colors and contrast will 100% out perform any mass retailer…ie Walgreens, Walmart, Costco. Their printers just can’t produce the same quality in color and texture as a photographers print lab. When you invest in a large print, all the little details of the image are magnified. Having your photographer print from their professional lab will ensure you get all those details enhanced beautifully. This is why I want my clients to invest in my products, so they get a high quality, long lasting piece of art.

Gulf Breeze, FL Maternity Photographer, collage of trio canvas set of newborn family
Trio Canvas Set

Time Gets Away

Your session went great, you selected your digital images and your photographer sends them over to you to download. What happens to them next? Usually, life happens and printing your images starts to get pushed down the “to-do” list. Once you find the time, you research all the details like pricing, company coupons, reviews and how long it takes to receive your prints. After that research and selecting a company, it is time to upload your images and resize them to fit the custom size you are printing. All this prep work and ordering can take more than a minute or two and can be stressful.

As a Pic a Posie Photography client, I want to take that stress away and have you spend more time with your family. Not to mention, you will have your high quality artwork ready to display a couple weeks after your selections!

Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer, collage of hanging wall canvas of baby girl
Hanging Canvas

Printed Images Become Heirlooms

I specialize in heirloom artwork, so that my clients have the highest quality product that lasts for generations. Wall canvases make a beautiful statement piece showing of your new baby and family. Display one in the nursery or in your living room. Albums are wonderful for telling the story of any session. Matte framed images are perfect for maternity sessions to be put into a heirloom box.

MIlton, FL Newborn Photographer, collage of heirloom album of baby session
Heirloom Album

If You Pay a Professional, Shouldn’t You Get a Professional Product?

You already invested in a photographer that will capture these special moments to tell your story. Don’t let those professional images be left on the computer or printed less than perfect. Invest in professional prints!

Once I started to print my images to display on my walls or frame on my entry way table, something changed. With my children growing so fast, I didn’t want to miss out on having memories be a part of our home.

You can learn more about what type of heirloom artwork I offer to my clients, here.

Pic a Posie Photography studio is located in Gulf Breeze, FL in Harbourtown and serves surrounding communities, such as Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Cantonment, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key and Navarre.

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