Pensacola, FL Newborn Photographer | My Session Workflow

Pensacola, FL Newborn Photographer

As any professional photographer out there, I have a session workflow for my newborn sessions. I have tried many variations out there, but always come back to my original workflow for best results. Here is a peek into a newborn session with my workflow.

Workflow #1: Table Poses

When your baby arrives at my studio, they should be very sleepy, if you followed my prep guide that morning. This is the best time to get those cute curled up naked poses. The most popular pose in my workflow is the pose called “Bum Up”. It may look like a simple pose to capture, but the toughest part is getting baby’s chin up towards the camera. Naturally, baby’s like to curl in and tuck their chins down. Taking my time adjusting that chin up and making sure your baby is comfortable is a key factor to getting the pose right. Not all babies go into this pose though, so I look for cues from baby and go from there.

Another popular table pose is one called the “Huck Fin”. This is one of my favorite poses to capture and usually involves a wrap going around baby. For this pose, baby is posed on their back and I wrap a swaddle wrap around them and tie it in the back for them to be nice and snug. Then I use my posing blocks to help support their neck and legs. In my opinion, this is a beautiful, natural pose for baby.

Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer

Workflow #2: Prop Poses

After table poses are complete, baby may need a feeding. While you feed your baby, my workflow goes into setting up for prop poses. Usually this includes 2-4 set ups where baby is partially or fully wrapped. One of the most popular poses is called “Toes Peeking”. By using this type of wrapping style, I am able to capture those adorable little toes. It is also one of my favorite prop poses because they look comfortable and natural.

Pensacola, FL Baby Photographer
Pensacola, FL Baby Photographer

Workflow #3: Sibling Poses

Once baby is wrapped from the prop poses, my workflow goes right into sibling poses. Baby is fully wrapped to keep them safe and cozy while moving them. My go to pose for sibling images is having them lay on my luxury flokati rug. Along with it being a beautiful, natural shot, it is also the most safest pose when siblings are a bit younger. I have parents stand close by and always pick baby up before I say “All done” – definitely a safety must!

Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer

Workflow #4 Family Poses

Once again, since baby is wrapped up snug and safe, so my workflow goes right into family poses. I start off with Mom and baby, then add in Dad and finally bring in siblings for a family pose. I repeat this workflow with Dad. By using this workflow for my family images, it goes quick and you get a variety of images to choose from.

Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer
Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer
Pensacola, FL newborn Photographer

Take a sneak peek at my newborn workflow in the below video!

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Pensacola, FL Newborn Baby Photographer

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