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Pregnancy is an exciting journey, but it can also bring its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. As your body goes through numerous changes, finding the right sleeping position and managing discomfort can become tricky. Below is a compiled a list of valuable tips and resources to […]

Navarre, FL Newborn Photographer | Sleep and Pregnancy

Navarre, FL Newborn Photographer

Newborn baby swaddled in cream blanket, yawning

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Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative journey, but it can also bring about unexpected challenges. One such challenge is preeclampsia, a condition that affects some pregnant women. In this blog post, we will discuss what preeclampsia is, its symptoms, doctor treatments, the healing process, doctor follow-ups, questions to ask your doctor if diagnosed, risk factors, […]

Pensacola, FL Baby Photographer | Preeclampsia

Pensacola, FL Newborn Photographer

Pensacola, FL Newborn Baby Photographer

Images Courtesy of Pic a Posie Photography

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